Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Lambeth and Wandsworth PSC

On the Lambeth and Wandsworth PSC Facebook group is a discussion entitled "Death Penalty: A Zionist State of Assasins !!" The discussion consists of one post which includes the following paragraph:
Israel is out of this debate [regarding the death penalty], simply because it is so “democratic” and never committed such a punishment but once in 1962 against Eichmann, the Nazi. The human blood and life for Israel is so precious, specially the jewish one as it never executed anyone from the “chosen people”, the beloved sons of God !!! Can you believe this? I don’t, simply because I have witnessed the mass-killing Israel executing the whole people of Palestine. Inside “israel” the conditions are perfect for the jew “citizen” but in the occupied West Bank, it is hell for the occupied natives !!!

Please read the posts about Defining Anti-Semitism and the nature of Internet evidence before forming conclusions. Copies of evidence are available upon request.

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